Ontario Health IT Conference

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Canadian College of Health Leaders


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Canadian Healthcare Technology

Toronto Congress Centre  |  Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Registration closes on Friday, September 20th.
Pre-registration before September 20th is required to attend. 

Please determine which category below best describes you.
*Please note that companies/organizations who are exhibiting will be provided with a separate staff pre-registration form for.

Healthcare Provider registration form - $150 CAD (convert to USD)

Please use this option if you fit the following purchaser/influencer categories.

  • Healthcare provider organization where patient care takes place. (i.e. a hospital, health system organization, medical clinic, doctor office, or similar workplace where patients receive care. Your organization has patient exam rooms, patient beds, and patients receiving care in order to qualify to use this form).

Paying guest registration - $300 CAD (convert to USD)

Please use this option if you fit one of the following categories.

  • Health IT related company that sells products or provides services
  • Consultant company
  • Professors, assistant professors, students, and those not currently employed