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VIP Hosted Guest Registration

Pre-register to attend on Thursday October 3rd, 2019 at the Toronto Congress Centre as a VIP Hosted Guest. This offer is by invitation only.

Your help to suggest in some “hot topics” and/or any speakers that would be of interest to you will be greatly appreciated. We consider the input from our VIP Hosted Guests as we shape the conference Agenda. In return for your early commitment to attend we will waive your $300 CAD admission fee.

Your VIP Hosted Guest conference registration includes: continental breakfast, buffet style lunch, beverages at all scheduled breaks, cocktail networking reception, and free onsite parking.

This form is ONLY for full-time staff working at places where patient care happens like hospitals, medical clinics, doctor offices, and similar. If your organization does not have patient beds and patient treatment rooms, and staff treating patients, then you do NOT qualify to use this VIP guest form. If you do not fit these criteria, please visit the attendee registration page https://www.healthitconference.com/attendee-ontario/